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About Teriaura



Started from Mie Prefecture(みえけん)

The three generations have cultivated pearls as their industry and have a thorough understanding of the nature of pearls.

Mie Prefecture (みえけん) is located in central Japan, adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, with a coastline of about 1000Km. The unique geographical environment has made this place a pearl culture history of more than 100 years, and is rich in world-famous Japanese pearls.

Founded of the Brand

Mr. Takahito Okamoto founded the Teriaura brand in the Roppongi area of Tokyo, Japan, for the insistence on the beauty of the pearl.

To promote the pearl to the whole world the beauty of the pearl.

The first overseas flagship store was established in Hong Kong.

Perseverance of Beauty

Attracted by beautiful, this is the same in any era.

The mysterious crystal of nature - pearls - has long been sought after as a jewel.

Exquisite and dazzling, the spirit of the pursuit of beauty that the world pays attention to is contained in all the jewelry of Teriaura.

Teri, Japanese "照り" is a unique expression of Akoya pearls. Aura, Japanese "オーロラ" is a high-quality pearl that describes the stronger aurora effect. It is this strong collision of light and color that has made the beauty of Japanese pearls and Teriaura's pursuit of Japanese pearls.

Pearl Used by Teriaura

Teriaura carefully selected the Japanese Akoya pearls.

The Akoya pearl, known as "Hezhu", has always been loved by the public and is a representative pearl of Japan. Akoya pearls are bred by Agoya, which is prolific in Japan and lives in a calm bay with a water temperature of 15 to 25 °C. Known as the "small light bulb", Agoya pearls have rich layers of nacre and are rich in color. Pearl color is mainly silver, gold, milk yellow, pink, green, blue and so on. The shape is mostly round, and the 6~8mm is its standard size.

All Teriaura pearls are certified grade pearls sent directly from Japan. It is a pearl that has a natural and good shape without being ground and shaped. The rigorous selection and processing is combined with the concept of advocating natural beauty, which shines with high-quality light, thus bringing out the unique brilliance of the wearer.

Pearl Quality

6 Criteria for Determining the Value of Pearls

  • TERI

The soft luster of pearls is the most important factor in determining the quality of pearls.

The luster of the pearl (the quality of the light reflected by the pearl) is called the skin light and is composed of two kinds of luster: Aura + interference light.

Aura: The state of light reflected from the surface of the pearl.

Interference light: The internal luster that is reflected from all the nacres. The internal gloss varies depending on the inner structure of the pearl such as the thickness, uniformity, and transparency of the nacre.


  • Surface

The skin color of pearls is mainly determined by the interference of light. However, since “skin color” and “skin light” are related to each other and interact, the mutual influence and complex effects of various factors ultimately determine the quality of pearls. 

  • Flaw

In the process of breeding pearls, the formation of cockroaches naturally occurs, and the less cockroaches, the better the quality. The types and conditions of cockroaches vary widely, ranging from a one-point, very small sputum (called dimples) to ridges and spots. 

  • Shape

The closer to the circle, the better the quality.

But the slightly elliptical or irregularly shaped pearls also have their own unique charm. Some drop-shaped and nearly round pearls also have a very unique aesthetic. After making jewelry, it will give off a different charm.

Cortical thickness Nacre Thickness

The cortex is the thickness of the nacre, which is the most important factor in determining the value of the pearl. The thicker the nacre, the better the quality.

Without a certain thickness of the cortex, the pearl will not exhibit beautiful interference color and luster. The "cortex", "skin" and "skin" are closely related. Generally speaking, the thicker the "cortex", the more prominent the characteristics of the pearl in terms of "pig light" and "skin color".


  • Size

Refers to the diameter of the pearl, not directly related to the "cortex." Pearls are traded by weight. The bigger the pearl, the more popular it is. Generally speaking, pearls of the same quality are larger and the average price is higher. 

The top grade Akoya pearl gloss is a bit warm and thick. TERI describes Akoya's unique luster, like the feather of a peacock. The color of the beetle shell reflects. On the Akoya pearl, her interference color is through. The light that is reflected and transmitted by the light, with a strong aurora effect, is rarely seen in nature by reflection and refraction. This is also Akoya. Pearls are different from others.

Based on these six elements, Teriaura has established strict evaluation standards and carefully selected high-quality Akoya pearl products for consumers. This principle has been adhered to since its establishment.